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Welcome to Tokyo Revengers Plush , where you can immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Tokyo Revengers with our adorable plush companions! Step into the gripping narrative of time-traveling delinquents and bring your favorite characters from the hit manga and anime series to life in huggable form. Whether you’re a passionate collector, a devoted fan, or simply seeking a soft and cuddly companion, our wide selection of Tokyo Revengers plushies has something for everyone. These plush toys are not only a celebration of the series but also a way to showcase your love for the characters and share in the camaraderie of the Tokyo Revengers community. Get ready to dive headfirst into an incredible world of action, suspense, and heartfelt connections!

Why you love Tokyo Revengers Plush

  • Emotional Connection: Tokyo Revengers Plush allows fans to forge a deeper emotional connection with the characters from the popular manga and anime series. Owning a plushie allows fans to physically interact with their favorite characters, offering comfort and a sense of companionship. The plushies serve as tangible reminders of the emotional journeys and moments shared with the characters in the series.

  • Collectible Appeal: Tokyo Revengers Plush has a strong collectible appeal. Fans of the series often enjoy building a collection of plushies representing different characters, allowing them to display their passion and dedication for Tokyo Revengers. Collecting Tokyo Revengers Plush becomes a way to express fandom, showcase the love for the series, and create a sense of pride in their collection.

  • Character Likability: Tokyo Revengers features a diverse cast of characters with compelling personalities and backstories. Fans develop a strong attachment to these characters, relating to their struggles, growth, and relationships. Tokyo Revengers Plush allows fans to bring their beloved characters to life and have them by their side, strengthening the bond between fans and their favorite characters.

  • Unique and Detailed Designs: Tokyo Revengers Plush toys are carefully designed to capture the unique appearances of the characters in the series. The plushies feature accurate facial expressions, hairstyles, and outfits, ensuring that they closely resemble the characters fans know and love. The attention to detail in the design of Tokyo Revengers Plush enhances the overall experience and authenticity of the characters.

  • Gift-Giving: Tokyo Revengers Plush makes for a wonderful gift for fans of the series. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, gifting a Tokyo Revengers Plush allows fans to share their love for the series with friends and loved ones. The plushies serve as cherished gifts that bring joy and excitement to fellow Tokyo Revengers enthusiasts.

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Happy Customers

137 - Tokyo Revengers Plush


It’s very nice! Like the photo, now he has a family that will give him dorayakis every day to make it look good paunchy♡♡♡

136 - Tokyo Revengers Plush


(just what i wanted). he is the quality that you pay for which is not much but aside of that he’s really cute.

135 - Tokyo Revengers Plush


It’s too cute, very good quality and I didn’t expect I ‘d have a pacifier to stick it on some glass. Excellent purchase, I will buy again: D

134 - Tokyo Revengers Plush


this is aphygical!!! And very funny) the quality is very good and exactly the same as the photo! 

Welcome to Official Tokyo Revengers Stuffed Toy Store

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We are proud to be one of the best stores selling variety of style of Tokyo Revengers Plush.

The characters in Tokyo Revengers often have a youthful and energetic appearance. They are typically depicted as teenagers or young adults, reflecting the coming-of-age themes of the series. Their appearances convey a sense of vitality, reflecting the intensity and passion that drives their actions. Tokyo Revengers features a wide range of hairstyles, with characters sporting unique and eye-catching looks. From traditional cuts to unconventional styles, the characters’ hair often contributes to their distinct personalities and helps to differentiate them from one another. These hairstyles can range from short and spiky to long and flowing, adding flair and individuality to their appearances.

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